Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Impacters - Meet Cami.

    I sincerely believe that every person you've ever come in contact with during your life was for a purpose. No matter how small or great, their presence and interactions have served a purpose in defining who you are. Whether to guide you through stormy seas with words of wisdom and encouragement, to teach by example, or to be a listening ear.


    Our Heavenly Father lends these special people to us, so that they may aid in our spiritual, physical, and mental progression. Sometimes I fail to remember how blessed I am for having these people in my life. In this small way of honoring them, I'll be featuring those amazing people here on my blog. 


    Meet Cami. To simply put it, she's a solid 10. Beautiful, creative, smart, and boy howdy, she is dang witty. (She does a rockin' Marcel the Shell impersonation. It's just one of the many reasons why I love her.) She's a firecracker of sass and awesomeness. Cami's friendship has been invaluable to me. Her wisdom, faith, and genuine love for everyone is an example I continually gain from. Enjoy these favorites of mine from our photoshoot.